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Bar-headed goose into bird and chicks cloaca microbial of contrast analysis

Xiaotian Zheng


Intestinal Microbial by maintain steady-state, auxiliary digestion and promote immune system development and style maintenance host of health state. Intestinal micro-Biological itself by the host of gene, diet, age and environment and factors of influence. However intestinal microbial of change and Host Age Between the relationship still have many unknown. This study respectively collection bar-headed goose (Anser indicus)2Only into bird and3Only chicks cloaca Samples, Extraction intestinal microbial totalDNAThe16 S rRNAHigh Flux sequencing of Methods Analysis and compare the two age stage birds intestinal microbial of Flora structure and composition difference. Study found bar-headed goose chicks cloaca microbial belongs9A door content highest of before5A door respectively


Bar-headed goose; cloaca microbial; microbial group; High Flux sequencing; age

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