Analysis of Ecosystem Service Value Dynamics in Sub-Sahara Africa

G.M. Abren1, K.B. Yechale2, Vanum Govindu3


Dwindling ecological service value (ESV) is a key challenge in Ethiopia and Hare River Catchment (HRC). As studies made about ESV of HRC were rare, it was vague to understand the supply and threats of the services in the area. So, this study was aimed at analyzing magnitude, trend and drivers of ESV change in HRC. Data were captured from remote sensing sources, survey, questionnaire, etc. LULC data and valuation coefficients of Costanza et al., (1997) and Kindu et al., (2016) were used for estimating ESV dynamics. Sensitivity analyses were run to verify accuracy of the estimated ESV changes. HRC, with an area of 23,432.7ha, revealed net ESV loss by US$ 6.035 million within 1967 - 2015. The lion share of ESV loss was triggered by land use/land cover change and farm expansion at the cost of forest, woodland, etc. So, gov’t policy should be targeted on resilience of ecological services and on agro-forestry options to curb farm expansion-led ESV loss in HRC, Southern Ethiopia.


Services; Value; Net Gain; Net Loss; Magnitude; Trend; Sensitivity Analysis, etc.

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