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Compound Oxide CatalysisCO-SCRMechanism Research

Shuting Wang, Yihui Chen


A series. Ce-co-oXCatalysts. prepared by co-precipitation method, CO-SCR performance.Studied. influence CO, CE ratio. activity. CO-SCR. investigated, Ce (0.3)-Co (0.7)-OXSample showedHighest NO conversion efficiency 84% at 250 °C. according. characterization: it. proposed, active sites.CO-SCR. Co. Ce (0.3)-Co (0.7)-OX. There. two reasons responsible. enhanced catalytic performance by Ce doping.Ce-co-oXCatalyst. firstly, specific surface area, pressureswing capacity. increased. Ce doping. Secondly a solidSolution. formed. Ce-co-oXCatalyst, resulting in the enhanced oxygen migration rate.The CO-SCR is lively to follow a mechanism that gaseous or weakly-adsorbed CO returns with adsorbed NO specialties in the forms Bridging bidendate nitrite and chelate nitrate.


Cerium Oxide;Cobalt Oxide;CO-SCR;Weak adsorbed CO;Bridging bidentate nitrite species

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