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Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) is the technique or process where the physicochemical (physical and chemical) properties of the rock are changed to enhance the recovery of hydrocarbon. The properties of the reservoir fluid system which are affected by EOR process are chemical, biochemical, density, miscibility, interfacial tension (IFT)/surface tension (ST), viscosity and thermal. 

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Amin Ahmadi

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Government vs. Philanthropy: Who’s Winning?


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By Tyler Sova 
April 2, 2019

Modern government is under great financial strain. It has become increasingly common for foundations and other philanthropic organizations to fill in financial gaps created by a lack of government services. Look no further than the Flint water crisis. After an audit project revealed a $25 million dollar deficit for the city of Flint, the state took over. In a desperate attempt to save money, the city switched water pipelines to deliver water from Lake Huron. We now know how disastrous that decision was. A group of foundations, led by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, pledged over $125 million in aid over five years starting in 2016 to help cover the large bill after delayed government action.

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Journal News: Publisher’s Note


We are pleased at the constructive and collaborative manner in which we were able to work with the Editorial Board Member. We appreciate those of scholars who help and surpport us running the Journal. We are reaching primary goal of launching journal, we hope our scholars will continue to pay attention and participate enthusiastically, and submit some high quanlity papers to our Journal. Thank you!

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