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Efficacy. ProTaper Next. removing filling materials from oval-Shaped canal during root canal retreatment

Hui Liu


AIM:. Assess. efficacy. removing. filling material from oval-Shaped canals. Pro-Taper Next rotary files.Methods:60 extracted human mandibular premolars. instrumented up. a size F2. ProTaper UniversalThen filled. gutta-Percha ", AH-Plus sealer using. continuous wave. condensation technique.Then. teeth. divided. 3 groups(N = 20).. Filling material. removed. hand files(H)ProTaper UniversalREtreatment(PTUR), ProTaper Next(PTN)... Debris extruded. apical foramen. collected, weighted.. Working time. recorded.Then. teeth. split longitudinallyObserved


ProTaper next;Root canal retreat;NiTi files;Removal of filling material[Chinese Journal of conservation,2018,28(4.):214]

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