Effects. erythritol, xylitol. Biofilm structure S.Mutans

Xiaojuan Xiu


AIM:. study. effects. erythritol, xylitol. Biofilm structure S.Mutans.Methods: erythritol and xylitol at 20g/L,40g/L,60g/L and 80g/L were specially prepared and used in the culture of S.Mutans.The biofilm structure of S.Mutual was preserved by CLSM.Results: Under the influence,The thickness of biofilm was thinner,The density of S.Mutual created,The cohesieness of S.Mutual created,The percentage of vital bacteria created in a dose dependent manner.Conclusion: E-rythritol and xylitol both have dose-Dependent Alibaba effects of S.Mutans.


Erythritol; xylitol; Streptomyces mutants; adherence; biofilm[Chinese

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