A Preliminary Study of the Effects of gltA gene on Biofilm formation of Enterococcus

Xiaochen Yu


Aim:To investigate the effects of glutamate synthase gene(GltA)On the biofilm formation of enterocuccus(E.Fawecalis).Methods:CLSM was used to observe the biofilm formation ability of 4 strains of E.France from clinic.The number of viable cells and biofilm volume were matched with that of the stand-ard strain v583.GltA gene expression in 4 clinical isolates were detectedRT-QpcR.The gltA-High expressed strain was connected and its growth curve was detected.The formation of biofilm the viable cell number in the biofilm and biofilm volume were observed by LSCM,After 24 h culture.REsults:All the 4 islands could form compact bio-Films,And the viable cells and biofilm volume of the isolated groups 250


Biofilm formation;GltA gene;E.Faecalis;

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18686/den.v1i1.1188


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