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On the Localization Transformation of Communication Studies

Lili Zhang


Communication is a kind of culture and knowledge, and a driving force for social progress. Today, communication has become an important part of people’s life by supporting people’s entertainment, cultural life and information exchange. Therefore, we must not forget our original intention, continue to move forward, shoulder the mission, and be willing to continuously develop the localization system of communication science, further strengthen the expansion and research of communication science under Chinese traditional culture, and establish a theoretical system of communication science with Chinese characteristics at an early date.


Communication Science; Western Theory; Localization

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Chen Z. On the rational thinking of the localization of communication (in Chinese). The Press 2018; (20): 49–51.

Zhou Y. Explore the localization vision of communication in Chinese traditional culture (in Chinese). Baokan Hui-cui 2018; (2).



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