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Nile tilapiaXbp1-SGene Cloning and Expression Analysis

Xia mei, Yu Chen


To learn about Nile tilapia(Oreochromis niloticus)Cell Transcription FactorXbp1-S(OnXbp1-S)Sequence characteristics of the Gene and Its Role in Streptococcus agalactiae(Streptomyces alactolyticus)Stress and inBRole in cell differentiation, ApplicationRaceObtained by cloning technologyOnXbp1-SFull Length of Gene1380 BPIncluding open reading frameORFFor1155 BP,5.Wang YiTerminal non-coding region(5)Wang YiUTR)

The organization in have expression,MRNALevel on in liver in expression highest protein level in thymus in expression highest and in muscle in expression minimum. No milk Streptococcus stress after,OnXbp1-SGene in liver and spleen in expression trend similar were in stress during appear expression was up-regulated in192 hThe peak. In addition immune was analysis found,OnXbp1-SFactor in different differentiation degreeBCells subclass in Expression Difference in matureBCells in present high expression and in not matureBCells in almost don't expression. Research results show that,OnXbp1-SParticipate in Nile tilapia on no milk streptococcus of immune defense and inBCells Differentiation role. This study will for further studyOnXbp1-SFactor response pathogenic bacteria infection of mechanism and promoteBCells Differentiation Mechanism provide theory basis.


Nile tilapia;Xbp1-S; Gene cloning; Organization expression; no milk streptococcus

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