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Side Entry Using Multi-Island Genetic Algorithm / Study on Optimization of Outlet Shape

Xueping Gao, Jianguo Li, Bowen Sun, Ye Tian, Han Zhang


Physical model tests or numerical simulations are generally used to study the hydraulic characteristics of the set shape of hydraulic structures, and then studies are carried out to adjust the shape according to unfavorable hydraulic indicators until a satisfactory better shape is obtained. This is the traditional practice. Lateral inlet under two-way flow / Optimization of outlet shape can be regarded as a multi-objective optimization problem. In this paper, the weighted head loss coefficient is set as the objective function, and the non-uniform coefficient of flow velocity in the orifice cross-section and the non-uniform coefficient of flow volume between orifices are taken as the constraint conditions. The multi-objective optimization is converted into single-objective optimization, and the multi-island genetic algorithm is used to optimize the outlet shape of / to obtain the optimal shape. In addition, the application of parametric modeling method and response surface model based on CFD accelerates the speed of modeling and numerical simulation and improves the optimization efficiency. Taking the outlet of / of a lower reservoir as an example, compared with the original body, the recommended body type obtained according to the method in this paper has the following characteristics: the total head loss coefficient of / outflow is reduced by 3.35%, the flow velocity nonuniformity coefficient is reduced by 14.50%, and the flow nonuniformity coefficient of / inflow is less than "20% 。 This research method provides a convenient way to optimize the shape of hydraulic structures.

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