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Study. movement characteristics, "re-stabilization" conditions. overlying key stratum structure after losing stability

Nan Li


Engineering practices, phenomenon, step subsidence. roof caused.Sliding destabilisation. key stratum structures without support crushing frequently exists. hence a mechanical model. key stratum structure after sliding instability. established, movement characteristics, "re-stabilization" conditions. key stratum structure after losing stability. An-alyzed. .: Show, roof subsidence caused. instability. key stratum structure may not always exceed. threshold, crushes supports. alternatively, unstable block. key stratum may stop sliding. stability. rotation squeezing or touching. falling rocks be-fore crushing. support. two "re-stabilization" conditions. revealed. under certain conditions maintaining rational mining height within support capability or increasing support resistance. make. unstaBle block. rotation squeezing stability. put forward so as. prevent crushing. support.


Key stratum;Sliding instability;Re-stabilization;Support crushing;Unstable Block

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