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Index function analysis method. interlayer Thickness. transition time from Open Pit. underground mining considering Slope stability

Zhixin Liu


Slope stability, Open Pit. one. important factors. determine. interlayerThickness. transition from open pit into underground mining. taking Miyun Iron Mine as an exam-ple,. relationship ~. interlayer thickness, slope stability. Open Pit. analyzed using. method. reduction FEM. transition time from Open Pit. underground mining. it shows, safety factor. Open Pit top slope increases. interlayer thickness.. Slope Safety Factor interlayer safety factor ore recovery ratio, interlayer Bearing Capacity. taken as eval indexes. determine. interlayer thickness. based. ideal point method, index function analysis method. proposed. calculate. interlayer thickness.. interlayer Thickness. Miyun Iron Mine. calculated. this method. .: Show, interlayer thickness.


Interlayer Thickness;Index Function Analysis Method;Slope Stability;Open Pit to under-ground mining;Safety Factor

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