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Feed protein and energy content of Moire gentian grouper juvenile growth, body composition and Digestive Enzyme Activities of influence

Qingjia Zeng


For explore Moire gentian Grouper(Epinephelus lanceolatus♂×E. moara♀)Juvenile feed of the most suitable protein and Of content to fish meal and soybean concentrated protein for protein source, add fish oil construction energy gradient preparation crude protein content46%,50% 54%Energy content20.00,20.50And21.00 kJ/gEggs can than22.04 ~ 26.87 mg/KJOf9Group feed numberD1 ~ D9Group feeding initial weight(46.23 ± 0. 51) gOf Moire gentian grouper juvenile56 d. Results display protein and energy of interaction role of Moire gentian grouper juvenile weight gain rate influence significantly(P<0.05)Protein and energy increased significantly improve weight gain rate and specific growth rate(P<0.05). Protein and energy of interaction role of protein deposition rate and liver body than influence significantly(P<0.05)Protein increased significantly improve energy retention rate and fat Full Scale(P<0.05)Protein efficiency rise after drop(P<0.05); Energy increased significantly improve protein efficiency and energy retention rate(P<0.05);D6Group protein deposition rate and protein efficiency was significantly higher than that of other group(P<0.05). Protein and energy of interaction role of whole fish and muscle water, crude protein, crude ash no significant influence(P> 0.05)Whole fish and muscle crude protein with feed crude protein increased and increased(P<0.05)Water with energy increased and reduce(P<0.05)Whole fish crude fat with eggs can than reduce and increased(P<0.05). Protein and energy of interaction role of trypsin, lipase and amylase activity significantly(P<0.05)Gastric protease activity with protein content increased and increased(P<0.05)Energy of its no significant influence(P> 0.05);D6Group trypsin activity its with feed egg can than reduce was first increased and then after drop of trend(P<0.05)Energy21.00 kJ/gWhen lipase activity was significantly higher than that of other group(P<0.05). Comprehensive the in set of protein and energy range in Moire gentian grouper juvenile feed50%Crude Protein,


Moire gentian grouper; protein; energy; eggs can than; body composition; digestive Fish

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