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Ecological and efficient polyculture Technology of sautéed mochitis mogulis

Wanjun Zhao


Yunban (Ictalurus Nebraska), Also known as brown catfish,Genus catfish Formolidae, native to North America, is a freshwater breed of the United States.Diet is relatively broad, the meat is fresh and delicious, no muscle spines.It is a freshwater fish with high economic value..Oblique jaw (Plagognathops microlepis Bleek-Er), Cyprinidae, subfamily arinae, genus oblique jaw, middle and lower classes economic fishes, GuangzhouThe nutritional level of meat is high, and the market is well received by consumers..The internal quality of the fine-scale oblique jaw is tender and delicious, and the feeding habits are wide, and the feeding is simple and easy. As the mixed-breeding object, the yield per unit area and economic benefit can be improved without increasing the feed..The purpose of this experiment is to raise the microscaly oblique jaw by raising the polychaete Globus, in order to reduce the organic matter pollution and eutrophication degree of aquaculture water, and to reduce the water quality.


Widely distributed; reservoirs; Fins yellow or yellowish;Middle Nitrogen,Phosphorus ;Content in the breeding way; reduce the occurrence of disease;, head down, only the tail is shaking.

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