The Introduction of the Special Issue

Fisheries and aquaculture industries are of world's most globalised and interconnected industries. The last three decades, major changes have occurred in the objectives of the European Union’s (EU) Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). These changes can be attributed mainly to the important environmental pressures caused by the intensive fishing activities. Today, the impediment of CFP reform faces the major challenge of enhancing the sustainability of fish stocks and at the same time of improving the competitiveness of the fishing sector as well as of aquaculture sector. Meaning that developing new environmentally-friendly technologies and fishing practices that make the EU’s fishing and aquaculture industry more innovative and, ultimately, more competitive as well.

Therefore, policy aid under the frame of CFP. is widely acknowledged as an important driver of the development and performance of the whole sector and is considered pertinent to supportive policies across a range of economic, social and environmental issues.

This special issue attempts to assess CFP impacts in order to better understand how the process of policy reform in CFP affects fishery and aquaculture sectors and if CFP could contribute to innovation for the sectors. Consequently, if consistent implementation of the CFP measures could be a well confronting perspective against the challenges and threats of a global marketing environment.

Ultimately, this special issue will present papers that have gone through the rigorous process of reviewing and thus will present a comprehensive account of the state-of-the art in the assessment of the European Union Common Fisheries Policy. Overall, the papers in this issue potentially will offer diverse perspectives for the evaluation and consequently the effectiveness of the European Union Common Fisheries Policy.


The Research Scope of the Special Issue

·Common Fisheries Policy of E.U.

·Policy Assessment

·Fisheries sector

·Aquaculture sector




Submission guidelines

All papers should be submitted via the Probe - Fishery Science & Aquaculture submission system:

Submitted articles should not be published or under review elsewhere. All submissions will be subject to the journal’s standard peer review process. Criteria for acceptance include originality, contribution, scientific merit and relevance to the field of interest of the Special Issue.


Important Dates

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The Lead Guest Editor

Eleni Kaimakoudi