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Journal Notice: Call for Papers for the Special Issue: Probe - Diseases & Disorders


Science offers understanding of concepts governing human race development. Mastering the art of science can help propel the human race forward. As the sages say those who want to know, must know and will know. It is information that can liberate, protect and guide us in the fast paced world we are in now. 

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PDD- Nkosinathi Banhela

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Journal Notice: Call for Papers for the Special Issue: Probe - Diseases & Disorders


Probe - Diseases & Disorders is an international, peer-reviewed, open access multidisciplinary journal publishing high quality articles that focuses on the latest and outstanding research on prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of all significant diseases and disorders. The journal covers the research on physiology, microbiology, epidemiology, immunology, and related disciplines, on the pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of all diseases and disorder.

The Lead Guest Editor

KV Ramana

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Parasitology: Exotic signaling mechanism in pathogens


The unicellular parasite that causes sleeping sickness differs from other eukaryotes in the mode of regulation of an essential cellular signaling pathway. This provides a promising point of attack for drug development.

Trypanosoma brucei -- the insect-borne eukaryotic parasite that causes sleeping sickness in tropical Africa -- is the best known representative of a group of unicellular organisms known as kinetoplastids. Species belonging to this group are responsible for a number of potentially lethal infections in humans and other mammals, which are difficult to treat effectively. These include the trypanosome T. cruzi -- the causative agent of Chagas disease, which is endemic to much of South America, while members of the related genus Leishmania attack the skin and mucous membranes. Leishmaniasis is a largely tropical disease, but is also found in Southern Europe. Research carried out by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich geneticist Professor Michael Boshart´s team with lead author Dr. Sabine Bachmaier and collaborators has now revealed that, in T. brucei, an essential intracellular signaling pathway is regulated differently from what has been established as a paradigm in eukaryotes. This discovery reveals a potential vulnerability, which could provide a promising target for new and specific therapies for infections caused by kinetoplastid parasites. The findings appear in the online journal Nature Communications.


Posted: 2019-04-02
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